Usually, when you need to develop software for different devices and operating systems, you must code multiple times according to the specifications of that device or OS. This traditional method is still prevalent because many users wish to enjoy the native experience through software products. But developing multiple code bases for the same software is time consuming and requires a lot of effort from the developers. Apart from this, when someone needs to upgrade the application, the new code block must be added to all the code bases.

Due to the hassles of native development, the concept of cross-platform software development came into existence a couple of years ago. From the name itself, you can understand that cross-platform software consists of a single code base but can run across multiple devices and operating systems easily. However, you cannot write the codes for cross-platform software on traditional frameworks like the eclipse, selenium, hackathon, etc. Instead, you need access to specific cross-platform software development frameworks.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed some of the most popular frameworks for developing cross-platform software products in 2022.


One of the most popular frameworks for cross-platform software development is ionic. Based on angular JS, it combines four different programming languages: CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and Cordova wrapper. Therefore, you can easily access the controllers of native platforms while incorporating intuitive user interface elements for multiple platforms and operating systems.


  1. Open source platform allows seamless communication with others
  2. Best suited for mobile OS, thanks to the incorporation of SAAS user interface framework
  3. HTML syntaxes can be extended
  4. Access to the device’s built-in features like GPS, audio recorder, and camera

React native

Nothing can match the excellence of react native. Not only is it based on JavaScript, but it also allows developers to include native feeling or experience in the cross-platform application. It can be used to develop software for both iOS and Android. Although we cannot say it as a pure programming language, it utilizes JavaScript library functions and plugins for extensions in the software.


  1. A single codebase is used for Android and iOS
  2. Reduces the overall development cost
  3. Comes with rendering properties for parent and child components


Another major cross-platform software development framework in 2022 is Node.JS. Not only is it based on the JavaScript V8 engine, but it also comes with asynchronous, single-threaded server operation with the event-driven feature. Therefore, it won’t hold on to the execution of any program till the time it gets the API for the same. The non-blocking server event helps further in reducing redundancies from the concerned software.


  1. Open those platform
  2. Works well with the server-side scripting of the software
  3. Entails non-blocking, event-driven architecture


You are aware of most frameworks used for developing cross-platform applications and websites in 2022. Your main aim is to choose the best framework according to your project requirements and get started with the coding. Although you don’t require several code bases for each device and operating system, you still need to learn about these frameworks since they do not function similarly to a traditional, native software development platform.

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