Hire team

Full Time

Hours Per Day
8 hrs/day
Minimum Days
90 days

Part Time

Hours Per Day
4 hrs/day
Minimum Days
60 days


Hours Per Day
Flexible hrs/day
Minimum Days
45 days


business analytics
business development

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Dedicated Resource Hiring Model

Parameters Full Time Hiring Part Time Hiring Hourly based Hiring
Duration (monthly)
160 hrs
a month
80-100 hrs
a month
As per required hours
Daily work updates
Daily work updates
Daily work updates
Hiring Period (Min)
3 months
3 months
30 hours
Skype, Email, Phone, Chat, Slack
Skype, Email, Phone, Chat, Slack
Skype, Email, Phone, Chat, Slack
Experience Level
3 to 6 years
3 to 6 years
3 to 6 years
At 40 hours gap

Hire Dedicated Developers In India

Finding developers may not be difficult, however, vetting them or having the assurance of product delivery is quite a challenge. But not anymore, at xwebinfolab, we have a dedicated team model of outsourcing.

Here you can hire an already formed team of expert developers who will harmonize with your team or existing process and work dedicatedly on your preferred time zone.

By hiring us, you can save yourself the hustle of recruitments and management and concentrate on your business peacefully. Hiring dedicated developer models also allow scaling team up and down; we provide the flexibility of adding new developers on the team.

Hiring dedicated developers will not only ramp up your development capacity but will also cut down recruiting costs and operational overheads. There will be no cost associated with infrastructure or hiring full-time employees.

At xwebinfolab we believe in complete transparency, and so we assign you a dedicated project manager along with dedicated developers. The project manager will give you regular updates on your project development and will be at your assistance if you have any queries for the same.

We keep our process as simple as possible and do not bog you down with any long term agreement. We house professionally trained developers that are proficient and experienced in providing end-to-end mobile and web solutions for startups as well as large-scale enterprises worldwide.

Benefits of Choosing

xwebinfolab as your Technology Partner

  • Expert and skilled developer team for your project who work according to your time zone

  • A fully transparent development cycle

  • Agile, scalable and custom services

  • Years of experience in fulfiling development needs of companies from small business to enterprises.

  • 24x7 working model for timely delivery and meeting deadlines

  • Superior quality AI applications with rights reserved to the clients

  • Using diverse communication channels for friendly client interaction

  • Government support for accommodating overseas client for business and friendly outsourcing policies

  • Following high global standards i.e. CMM, ISO 9000, TQM, COPS, Six Sigma etc.

  • Offer time flexibility, get your work done at your preferable Time Zone: EST/PST/CST/MST

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Get Started?
First select developers and provide all your requirements to the developers. You can even reach out to our senior representatives who will assist you in your requirements. Once you confirm developers and your requirements, we will send you a contract to sign and after your confirmation we will start to work on your project.
How Long Does It Take to Get a Developer Started on My Work Once We Pay Charges?
Once the payment is done, our developers will take a maximum of 3 to 5 days to get started on your work.
May I Know Your Developer's Core Expertise and Industry Experience?

We have a highly qualified team of Agile software. They have profound experience in high-end technologies.

What Is The Process of Hiring a Dedicated Team From xwebinfolab?

Hiring dedicated developers from xwebinfolab is very simple. It is as follows:

First the client shares the project requirements and then the relevant candidate’s profile is shared followed by the interview.
Once the best-fit resource is selected, he/she is deployed with the client working as an offshore team member.

Can You Work In a Different Time Zone?

Yes, we do offer time zone preference. We offer to hire a dedicated software development team of developers that works with your specified time zones: EST/PST/CST/ MST. Our dedicated team also matches deadlines and milestones. To know more about hiring a team, contact us at info@xwebinfolab.com.

Do The Hiring Team of Developers Give Me Control Over The Team?
Yes. Hiring a dedicated development team will let you have full control over project management; you can easily connect with our team using your preferred communication channel.
Do you use any project management tools?
Yes, we do use project management tools that define industry standards like Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Jeera, Teamwork. These tools will let you track the productivity of developers and check progress on your project daily. It makes task allocation and monitoring easy and smooth.
What benefits can I get from hiring a dedicated development team?

Hiring a team simplifies your work process and helps you manage work and time more efficiently. Here are some of the major reasons why you should hire a dedicated software development team for your business.

Full control over the development process
Get work done on your preferred time zone
Get quality work assurance
Minimize the risk of failure, offering efficient project outcomes and trusted operating processes.
More affordable than hiring a number of in-house staff
Form new team with minimal efforts
Fulfils the seasonal or cyclical workload with strict deadlines

I wish to change my service provider for seamless transition and processes. Can you help me with it?

Yes, xwebinfolab developers are well versed in offering clients smooth transitions and efficient project management processes. Get in touch with us to know about our offering services as well as delivered projects. To hire dedicated developers from us contact us at hre@xwebinfolab.com.

Once our client chooses us as our proficient team works through the following procedure:

  • The team will first understand your current project requirements as well as any work done by the other service providers.
  • Provide a full-stack developer or a team with the same skill set you require in your project.
  • They will deliver progress reports and organize daily stands with project managers for work updates.
  • Last but not the least, we will give our best to make your expectation for a smooth transition possible.
What is the exit policy?

Once the project is finished, xwebinfolab delivers the work completion invoice to clients which they have to pay in three business days.

Any of the two parties can terminate the agreement by providing at least two weeks’ written notice. The termination invoice will include all unpaid work and the remaining amount of work done till the end date. After termination, all finished projects till the date gets delivered to the client in a usable electronic format.

How much time will it take to assemble the right team?

The time of team formation relies on the twists and turns of the project. Some clients value the decision of the team manager. While some themself involve in scheduled interviews and review the team.

We deliver a list of developers to our client in a maximum of three days. And the entire process of selecting and building a team gets completed in a maximum of 10 days.

Our hiring approach makes us stand out from the crowd. Suppose you have to hire fifteen people, we will recommend you to first go with a team of up to 5 developers and then steadily increase members if needed. This is a tried and tested approach, which is highly appreciated by our clients.

How do you make working remotely successful?

Handling a team remotely is quite a challenge. You can make critical mistakes when managing a vast amount of remote talent. To make your management easy, xwebinfolab team harmonizes with your team by organizing daily stand-up, weekly demonstrations and weekly retrospectives.

Daily stand-ups: here, everyone from the team gets on video chat and shares with clients what they are working on or updates you about the task done on the previous day. We deliver a list of developers to our client in a maximum of three days. And the entire process of selecting and building a team gets completed in a maximum of 10 days.

Weekly demonstrations: Here, everyone simultaneously connects on video chat, shows their work and has a discussion on it. Weekly Retrospectives: Here, you and your team can collectively review the work completed by the team so far. Share your views on what are the things you like and what are the things that need to be improved.

How do you scale up and scale down the size of the dedicated development team?

Big software firms assign software from closing projects to new openings fast. Still, it is very rare to downsize many people from a dedicated software development team at once.

Downscaling a large assigned team can take months of time, so to avoid such scenario, planning in advance is required. Once you have a well-structured plan, share it with your project manager and business analysis team.

Relationship between you and your team plays a major role in subtle project delivery. When external firms select the working process of an established team, they are ensured all the tasks are correctly assigned. The team is assigned to your project team members to avoid the risk of workplace disputes.

Where do my developers work? How can I communicate with them?

Your dedicated team of developers work on your preferred time zones. The team works at our office in productive environments, where we get additional technical support from our seniors, managers and developers

We make sure that you can easily communicate with your team on any communication platform like email, skype, instant messaging, calls and more.

Are my source code and business properties that I share with your team secure?

We keep all our client’s confidential data secured; we guarantee you that no data of your company is shared to a third party.

How can I choose a developer of my choice?

A right development team can make project execution smooth and fast. We offer you some of the best developers from India. First, we thoroughly understand what your project requirements are. You can also opt to interview developers and hire developers of your choice. We would immediately come to the rescue if by any chance the hired developer doesn’t deliver the right output, offering you another developer’s expertise. Or, if you want to add more developers to the team to boost project management, we will help you in that as well. We have a straightforward approach with no complications, so you will have peace of mind.